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Where can I get support for my Children and Family? 

Quick Reference Guide

Support for Children and Families 

On behalf of everyone at MEDDAC-AK I would like to take this opportunity to welcome home all the Soldiers who have, and will be redeploying, over the next few weeks. This is a time of celebration, reintegration and adjustment for everyone here at Ft. Wainwright.

 While redeployment is an exciting time for Soldiers and families, it can also be overwhelming for adults and children alike.  Knowing what to expect and how to deal with changes can make homecoming more enjoyable and less stressful.   

Soldiers will find that their children have grown and may be different in many ways.  Spouses at home may have become more independent and learned new coping skills.  Face-to-face communication between family members may be awkward at first.  You may notice that children regress to an earlier stage of development or act out at home or school.  Soldiers might even miss the deployment for a while.  While all of these changes are normal and most resolve on their own, at times Soldiers and families need a little extra help in regaining their balance. 

 If you or someone you know is having difficulty with reintegration, the Child and Family Assistance Center (CAFAC) can help.   Our staff includes three social workers, a psychologist, a marriage and family therapist, a licensed professional counselor and an outstanding administrative support staff. 

 We offer individual counseling, marital and family counseling, initial evaluations for behavioral problems, parenting education, and coordination of care with your child’s teachers, primary care providers, and other key personnel as needed. 

 In addition to traditional counseling support services we have a provider who is trained in Theraplay, which seeks to improve a child’s behavior and emotional state by strengthening the parent-child relationship. This is especially helpful for bonding and attachment issues which may occur after deployment. Also on staff is a certified Scream-Free Parenting educator. Scream-Free Parenting helps parents learn to calm their emotional reactions in the context of their parenting style. This class can be taught for individuals or in a group setting.

The Child and Family Assistance Center sees adult family members and children and requires no referral.  Because our program caters exclusively to family members and children, there will be no interruption in services as our Soldiers return from deployment.  Please note that the CAFAC will see active-duty service members in conjunction with their spouse for marital counseling or with their spouse and children for family counseling. 

The CFAC is open Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1630, including training holidays, and is located in Building 4066 on 602nd Street.  For more information or to make an appointment, please call 361-6284 or 361-6059.  Keeping military families strong is the CFAC mission.

 Thank you again to all our returning service members and welcome home.

 Quick Phone List
  Central Appointments - 361-4000
  Behavioral Health - 361-6059
  Child Day Care - 361-5612
  Dental Clinic - 361-5135
  * EENT - 361-5212
  EFMP - 361-5825 / 5959
  Immunizations - 361-5456
  Inclement Weather - 361-2123
  Internal Medicine - 361-4000
  * OB/GYN - 361-4000 x4
  * Ortho/Podiatry - 361-5198
  Pediatrics - 361-4000 x32
  * Surgery - 361-5163
 Benefits Advisor - 361-5656
 Emergency Room - 361-5144
 Information Desk - 361-5172
  Toll Free - (800) 478-5172
 Laboratory - 361-5377
 Occupational Health - 361-5182
 Optometry - 361-4000 x1
 Patient Advocate - 361-5291
 Pharmacy Refills - 361-5803
 * Physical Therapy - 361-5237
 * Radiology - 361-5117
 Social Work Services - 361-6299
 TRICARE - 1-877-988-9378.
 VA-Clinic - 361-6370

 * Referral Required for Appointment

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